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Tanker Test 5
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  1. Separations, (between compartments inside tanks that have openings or holes in them) are called.

a. Bulkheads

b. Barriers

c. Baffles

d. Walls

  1. When you unload the smaller tanks of a tank with bulk heads, be careful to check the:

a. Air to fuel ratio

b. Distribution of weight

c. Water content

d. Alcohol content

  1. Hauling liquids in tank vehicles requires special care for two reasons. One reason is:

a. Extreme weight

b. Uneven expansion

c. Liquid movement

d. Winds

  1. An emergency forces you to stop your tanker quickly or crash. You should:

a. Use controlled or stab braking

b. Use only the emergency brakes

c. Lock the brakes with the pedal and hold it there

d. Lock the brakes and brace for impact

  1. Liquid in a tank with baffles can have what kind of surge?

a. Front to back

b. Side to side

c. Top to bottom

d. All of the above.

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