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Founded by Bev, and Fred Crist in 1986

In 1986 Beverly and Fred Crist opened Crist CDL Training Center when the new regulations for commercial vehicle licenses came into effect. Beverly had been a bus driver for local schools, and knew the requirements needed to obtain the CDL license. Fred worked at the local phone company as one of the heads of the teams spearheading the setup of 911 in the mid-west.

These two worked tirelessly at improving their curriculum, training methods, and quality of driver the school produced. As the school grew, they enlisted the help of Denise Burkard, Steve Foor, William Crist, and others as instructors able of easing the burden of the quickly growing school.

As a college student enrolled in The Ohio State University William Crist became interested everything the internet had to offer. He began to learn the language of computers and started working on websites. Since the school was a big part of William’s life, he created in 1999, and an online extension to the school began.

The website grew in popularity, as did the school, but Bev and Fred decided in 2011 that they would retire closing the school. William made some changes but left the website up for others to continue their quest to obtain their CDL. The site now helps thousands per year get past the written section of the CDL exams and is going to expand in the next few years. Since the school closed in 2011 we have been working on rebranding the website to only show so that our users will know that the school is no longer operational.