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Air Brakes Test 4
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  1. Which of the following makes the total stopping distance for air brakes longer than that for hydraulic brakes.

a. Brake lag distance.

b. Action distance.

c. Perception distance.

d. Effective braking distance.

  1. Of the choices below, the first thing to do when a low air pressure warning comes on is:

a. Open the air supply control valve.

b. Adjust the brake pedal for more travel.

c. Stop and safely park as soon as possible.

d. Up-shift.

  1. The braking power of the spring brakes:

a. Can only be tested by highly trained brake service people.

b. Depends on the adjustment of the service brakes.

c. Increases when the service brakes are hot.

d. Is not affected by the condition of the service brakes.

  1. The air compressor governor controls:

a. When air is pumped into the air tanks.

b. Air pressure applied to the brakes.

c. The speed of the air compressor.

d. When the brake chambers release pressure.

  1. The application pressure gauge shows the driver how much pressure:

a. Has been used on the trip.

b. Is in the air tanks.

c. None of these.

d. Is being applied to the brakes.

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