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CDL Class A Pretrip

After you pass the written tests, one of the first major hurdles you will face will be the pretrip inspection. For this portion of the exam you have to name major parts of vehicle, and explain exactly what you are checking each part for. Just keep in mind that you have only 30 minutes to complete this with a passing grade to pass.

During this exam any unsafe act on your part will result in an automatic failure of the exam. This can be as simple as forgetting to set the parking brake, moving the vehicle without your seatbelt on, or anything that the examiner considers to be unsafe. Another automatic failure is not getting to or not doing the CDL air brake test correctly.

To help you in your journey we have added our pretrip video to our website, The video covers all of the items you need to check, and what to check them for. It is best to watch this video as much as possible, and try to get the terminology down.

Other Pretrip Videos
Engine Compartment
Inside Cab & CDL Air Brake Test
Exterior Lights
Rear of the Tractor

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