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*** Crist CDL is no longer in operation. This website has been left up to help others get ready for written test. Thanks for visiting!

Note: A * after the test name indicates a required test.

Straight Truck CDL

A Straight Truck CDL consists of all straight trucks, tankers, and vehicles that carry hazardous material. Written test included: General Knowledge*, Air Brakes*, Tanker, & Haz. Mat.

Please call for Price Information

In Class Preperation

A instructor will be with you throughout your class hours, and they will help prepare you for your written examinations. The use of computers, video cassettes, audio cassettes, and written test will also be used to assist you. We also have a logging class to prepare you for your written log books while out on the road.

During the classroom part of your training we will test you over the information needed to complete the all written CDL test. We have put together a study guide, and a examination booklet. This booklet is used in conjunction with the instructors help to guide you through the misguided question on the actual test. Please remember that these written test are designed to make people fail. We also have computers that will give you a chance to test yourself on each of the written test. This program offers a multiple choice, true and false, and will actually read the questions to you. It will also cover most of the information needed to pass the test.

The video cassettes cover each of the written exams in a step by step manner. We also have the obligation of showing you various CDL videos along with a drug and alcohol, street signs, and railroad accident videos. Not to worry they are not too graphic.

Written Test Breakdown

General Knowledge is a written test that covers all of the other test in little detail. It just skims the surface of air brakes, passenger, school bus, Haz. Mat., Tanker, combination, and doubles and triples. It's just to get a basic idea of what the kind of vehicles you may be driving, what different rules you have to follow depending on the vehicle, and the reaction you may give in each vehicle.

Air Brakes deals strictly with the braking system on the heavy vehicles you will be driving. It informs you on the lack of air pressure in the lines during normal driving, which is referred to as brake lag distance. It also deals with the drivers perception distance, reaction distance, which do effect the time it will take to stop a loaded vehicle. Which kind of drum in used in a air brake system, and what will happen in a skid.

Hazardous Materials endorsement grants you the ability to haul explosives, and other substances that are not so intentionally avoided. This would most normally fit together with the tanker endorsement, and could lead to a very promising career.

Tanker endorsement allows you to carry fuel, milk, and other liquids. Very useful when combined with the Haz. Mat. Endorsement, but just as helpful on its own.

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