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Tanker Test 4
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  1. What does liquid surge do to the handling of a tanker?

a. Surge can move the truck in the direction the liquid waves move

b. Surge raises the wind drag of the truck

c. Surge lets you turn corners tighter

d. None of the above

  1. You should be extremely cautious when driving smooth bore tankers, especially when you are:

a. Driving against the wind

b. Going up or down a hill

c. Starting or stopping

d. All of the above

  1. A tanker has lost its brakes. When should the driver use a truck escape ramp?

a. Only if the tank has baffles

b. Always

c. Never

d. Omly if the tank is empty

  1. Outage means:

a. How fast the tanks drain

b. Liquid weight

c. Allowance for expansion of liquid

d. Liquid movement

  1. Which of these statements about stopping distance and speed is true?

a. You need about two times as much stopping distance at 40 mph as at 20 mph

b. Wet roads can double stopping distance at any speed

c. Both of the above are true.

d. Neither of the above are true.

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