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Hazardous Material Test 4
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  1. A driver that hauls hazardous materials must attend training every:

a. 3 years

b. 2 years

c. 1 year

d. None of the above

  1. An “a/w” the first column of the hazardous materials table means:

a. This material has no restrictions when shipped by air and/or water

b. There is no restrictions with this material if shipped by water only.

c. It is ok to ship this material by air only.

d. This material is only restricted when shipped by air and/or water.

  1. How many different hazard classes are there?

a. 9

b. 23

c. 24

d. 19

  1. When a substance in the materials table is written in italics it means

a. It is not the proper shipping name – those in romantype above it are

b. It is a foreign substance

c. The substance is for international transport

d. It is the proper shipping name

  1. Column 1 (symbols) the “i” means:

a. Iodine

b. International restrictions

c. International traspotation

d. Invalid substance

  1. When hauling explosives 1.1 & 1.3; which placard do you use?

a. Explosives 1.3

b. Explosives 1.1

c. Dangerous

d. Both a and c

  1. When a spill occurs of an “rq” substance the carrier has within ______to report the spill.

a. 1 week

b. 2 weeks

c. 15 days

d. 60 days

  1. Column 1 (symbols ) the “+” sign means:

a. The proper shipping name is in italics

b. The proper shipping name is invalid

c. The proper shipping name with out regard whether the material meets the definition of that class.

d. Do not use proper shipping name

  1. You have loaded a hazardous material into a cargo tank. What must you do before you move the vehicle?

a. Close all manholes and valves. Be sure they are free of leaks.

b. Call chemtrec by phone and tell them where you are going.

c. Have the loading observers sign the shipping papers.

d. Get started on your trip, everything is ok

  1. A properly prepared uniform hazardous waste manifest:

a. Must be signed and carried by anyone transporting a hazardous waste.

b. Is required only if there is a loss of cargo during transport.

c. Is the same as any other shipping paper.

d. Is definitely useless form and is not required.

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