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Air Brakes Test 3
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  1. When driving down a long steep hill you should:

a. Use stab braking.

b. Begin braking when you are 10 M.P.H. above your safe speed.

c. Release the brake when you are 5 M.P.H. below your

d. Use the trailer brakes.

  1. The brake system that applies and releases the brakes when the driver uses the brake pedal is the:

a. Service brake system.

b. Emergency brake system.

c. Parking brake system.

d. None of the above.

  1. The most common type of foundation brakes found on heavy vehicles is the:

a. Disc brakes

b. Wedge drum

c. S-cam drum

d. None of the above

  1. Vehicles with air brakes must have:

a. At least two air tanks.

b. An air pressure gauge to show the pressure available for braking.

c. An air pressure gauge, to show air used by the brake chambers for braking.

d. None of the above.

  1. The driver must be able to see a warning that is given before air pressure in the service air tanks falls below:

a. 80 psi

b. 40 psi

c. 20 psi

d. 60 psi

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