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 General Knowledge

  Knowledge Test 1
  Knowledge Test 2
  Knowledge Test 3
  Knowledge Test 4
  Knowledge Test 5
  Knowledge Test 6
  Knowledge Test 7
  Knowledge Test 8
  Knowledge Test 9
  Knowledge Test 10

 Air Brakes

  Air Brakes Test 1
  Air Brakes Test 2
  Air Brakes Test 3


  Pretrip Engine Compartment
  Pretrip Entry & Inside Cab
  Pretrip Rear of Tractor

 Hazardous Material

  Hazardous Material Test 1
  Hazardous Material Test 2
  Hazardous Material Test 3
  Hazardous Material Test 4

 School Bus

  School Bus Test 1
  School Bus Test 2
  School Bus Test 3
  School Bus Test 4
  School Bus Test 5


  Passenger Test 1
  Passenger Test 2
  Passenger Test 3
  Passenger Test 4
  Passenger Test 5
  Passenger Test 6
  Passenger Test 7


  Tanker Test 1
  Tanker Test 2

 Doubles & Triples

  Double / Triples Test 1
  Double / Triples Test 2
  Double / Triples Test 3


  Combination Test 1
  Combination Test 2
  Combination Test 3
  Combination Test 4

Online Learning Center ( shut down planned for January 31st 2020

With the launch of our new site, new tests with new questions and formats, we will be closing this section of our site at the end of this month. If you are currently using these outdated tests, please select your state below to get started on the new site. Again, this section of our site will be closing on January 31st, 2020 and will not be accessible from that day forward.

Welcome To Crist CDL's new online learning center. We have our most up to date questions and test in this section, and will contiue to to update as needed. We have converted the questions into Spanish. Please see link above. Crist CDL's Online Learning Center is a CDL Practice Testing area designed to help you learn the material covered on the real CDL written test, and it gives you a great chance to test your knowledge in real test form. All of this information can be found in your State booklet, and can differ from our test. So if the information does differ please use the answer provided by your State booklet. Contained in the Online Learning Center we have practice tests for the General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Combination, Hazardous Material, Doubles / Triples, Tanker, Passenger, and for the first time through Crist CDL the School Bus tests.

The Federal Government made up the guidelines for the CDL program, and then distributed themthroughout the States, and from the Government guidelines the State would make up their test.So our test can be very similar to actual test found in your State. Some States decided to use the True and False testing method, and others decided on the Multiple Choice testingmethod, but all guidelines came from the Federal Government.

All of our tests are not the same; we have over 410 practice CDL questions that could appear on your exam, and we broke these 410 questions down in to several tests. So just a little warning don't take one test and expect the others to have the same information.

So please pick a test from the menu on the left, and...

Good Luck!!

Please feel free to contact us with any issues, or changes that need attention.

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